My Work

IT Solutions Architect at the City of Kamloops, with a broad portfolio spanning development, infrastructure, networking, and databases. Primary background in full stack development (Django/Python, React/Typescript, Cordova/Android Native/React Native).

I'm currently working on sprinkling in infrastructure-as-code and DevOps ideas into a largely legacy environment. Also, a whole lot of infrastructure-related analytics plus replacing legacy integrations with Golang. Challenging at times but a whole lot of fun!

My Research, Workshops, & Projects

My primary research interests are in the areas of generative adversarial neural networks (particularly in a healthcare context), big data & big data reduction, and cloud vs local computing.

Currently working on personal projects in the form of web-based board games and related tooling.

I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge, particularly with newcomers to computer science! I've run workshops on a number of topics, but mostly centered around Python for web development and data analysis. Separately, I maintain a number of side projects centered around scraping and data analysis.

My Other Interests

While I haven't had as much time to dedicate to it recently as I would like, I'm an amateur wildlife photographer with a particular interest for birds. My work can be seen under the knowneuropean moniker. I'm also open knowledge advocate and have been active on the English Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects for over a decade. Oh, and I collect fountain pens...

Contacting Me

I'm always happy to talk about my projects, your projects, provide advice or just chat! The easiest way to reach me it to shoot me an email!