My Work

Technical lead for software development and DevOps at the City of Kamloops, with a broad portfolio covering full stack development, data analysis&visualization, infrastructure-as-code (Ansible) and supporting our sysadmin team. Primary background in full stack development (Django/Python, React/Typescript, Golang, Cordova/Android Native/React Native) and Infrastructure-as-Code (Ansible).

Currently, my work is focused on development of our employee position IT lifecycle system, in addition to my general responsibilities for overall architecture and our infrastructure-as-code initiatives. In the past while, I was happy to lead the development of our new staff directory, leveraging metaphone for effective fuzzy search to handle typos and alternate spelling of names.

My Research, Workshops, & Personal Projects

I am currently working on a Flickr management tool for photographers that will allow for scheduling and monitoring of Flickr posts, and eventually Instagram.

Other personal projects include The Outages Project (monitoring web services for declared outages and recording them using git history) and ScannerOfCerts (fast certificate scanner for internal networks in Golang).

I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge, particularly with newcomers to computer science! During my undergrad, I run workshops on a number of topics, mostly centered around Python for web development and data analysis. Nowadays, I mostly do this internally at the City, but I should do more in public again!

My Other Interests

I'm an avid wildlife photographer (and sometimes landscape and urban photographer, but with admittedly less success). My work can be seen primarily on Flickr.

I have also started to pick up a film camera again, so that's been a new, fun adventure!

In other "fun" hobbies news, I'm a sourdough baker (sourdough focaccia feels wrong, but it's soooo good!) and I am a passionate open knowledge advocate, having been active (and an administrator) on the English Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects for over a decade.

Contacting Me

I'm always happy to talk about my projects, your projects, bound ideas off, provide advice or just chat with other folks building cool things! The easiest way to reach me it to shoot me an email!